Steam Carpet Cleaning

Hot Water Extraction is the most popular method of carpet cleaning and the one we find appropriate most often. Using a special wand, hot water and our special cleaning solution is applied to your carpets one section at a time. While the hot water and cleaning solution mix is being applied, the wand is also vacuuming up the water and accumulated dirt at the same time.

Shampoo Carpets

We use a buffer, and the process can be considered similar to buffing a floor. The shampoo is applied to the brush of the buffer, and then the buffer is worked into the carpet, cleaning dirt and stains. you must concentrate on a small area at a time, going over that area 2 or 3 times. shampooing will be the best option for your carpets, and in that situation we are prepared to use shampooing to make your carpets look amazing!

Dry Carpet Cleaning

methods consider to be the most effective. When you clean carpets with dry methods you are essentially following a three-step process. The first step entails sprinkling a special powder solvent all over the carpets. The powder solvent has the special ability to absorb dirt and allergens in your carpets. Once the solvent is applied, a special buffer with two rotating heads rotates and absorbs deeply into the carpet fibers. Then we vacuumed extensively with our high powered vacuuming equipment. The benefits of dry carpet cleaning methods are that you won't have to wait for your carpets to dry.

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